21 Dec 2022

1.1: Integrations

Google Calendars

Scheduling Link

Next Availability

What's New

A new way to think about time doesn't require throwing away what you already use. atKairos works with your preferred tools, making the integrations painless - now you can add as many Google Calendars as you'd like.

We believe scheduling time should be personal and friendly. That's why we help you create personalized scheduling links that you can send depending on your recipient: enough with the offensive spreadsheets.

Next Availability is the simplest way to find when you have a free slot and share it with a tap, answering the frequent incoming message: when can we grab some time to talk.

Google Calendars

Direct integration with your Google Calendar enables all the flexibility of your current calendar with the optimized experience from atKairos. Integrate as many as you'd like: from multiple work and personal calendars to the ones you have only as FYI or shared.

Scheduling Links

Now you can find and share any time slot. You don't have to set up a static scheduling link. Instead, we offer you the path where any time slot is shareable, personalized to the recipient, and bookable via a link. Try it out - your event guests will thank you.

Next Availability

Can we find 15 minutes for a quick catch up? If you are like us, we get this question multiple times a day. We give you the opportunity to see your next available slot, filter on your desired duration and share or add to calendar - just a few simple taps.