13 Dec 2022

1.0: Hello World!

Summary and Check-out

Add Event and Find Time


What's New

Our first version in your hands! We investigated the problem of time management deeply and we are setting the foundations of a new way to think about time.

atKairos is doing the right thing at the right time. From Greek, Kairos is the opportune moment to do a particular activity. Thus, atKairos is literally at the right time - helping you enhance your performance and productivity, at the same time keeping it deeply personal to you.

No time like the present!

Summary and Check-Out

What's ahead of you? atKairos offers a simple way to see your day split, your upcoming events, and throw in a quote to get you started.

How was your day? We rarely take time to reflect on our days and that's why we suggest you reflect on your days. It helps you put things in perspective, while it teaches our algorithms to give you more of what works and less of what doesn't.

Add Event and Find Time

Our calendars are a mess because there's no easy way to add events to block our time or to find a slot and dedicate it to an activity.

We changed that. With just a few taps, we offer you the fastest way to add an event in your calendar or to find the slot you need, in seconds.


atKairos offers an easy way to see where your time goes, so that you can make better decisions where to allocate it.

How is your balance between work and personal commitments? How much time do you spend in meetings and how long do you have to do deep, focused work?

We make that simple and easy for you, so you have the information to adjust and act.