12 apr 2023

15 apr 2023

1.8: Your Time + AI

Morning Summary

Evening Check-Out

What's New

A great personal assistant gets to know you and gives you information about your day by summarizing it for you - this is what we are bringing to you with our morning summaries and evening check-out overviews, powered by a safe and secure AI.

We don't want to list all the things you have on your schedule - that's what the calendar is for. In our summaries, you will see the important and urgent highlighted, so that you are prepared for the day.

Morning Summary

Let us highlight what the day has to offer you, so that you are prepared. In addition to the summaries, we give you insights and a renewed breakdown of your time - so you know the day and how you are tracking.

Evening Check-out

Let us capture what happened and how you felt about it - as we learn your preferences and habits, we will serve you better - with more tailored scheduling and suggestions.