1.5: Outlook

10 Mar 2023

Some of us use Outlook for daily work and personal calendar - so we added it, with all features enabled in the app.

atKairos now has an even simpler home screen, better and faster find time flow with time zones and even smoother sharing.

1.4: Add Event

25 Feb 2023

Adding an event in your calendar just got a whole lot easier and smoother.

Enjoy the simplicity of just a few taps to block anything in your calendar. Add attendees directly from the flow and a video-conferencing link with a flick.

1.3: Event Details

7 Feb 2023

Our biggest update yet! Now you can easily categorize your events, so that your analytics and insights are even better.

We are introducing a simplified flow to handle the details of your calendar events, giving you easier and faster way to navigate your schedule with ease.

1.2: Body Clock

20 Jan 2023

Productivity and performance is equal to your energy and focus. When you match your energy level with the right task, things become that much easier.

Our Body Clock integration relies on the science of Chronobiology, syncing your calendar to your body clock - do things at the right time for you!

1.1: Integrations

21 Dec 2022

Integrations are a core part of our workflows. This is why we plan to bring the tools that you know and love in a single experience within atKairos.

Now you can integrate your Google Calendars directly with the app, in addition to scheduling links and next availability.

1.0: Hello World!

13 Dec 2022

A new way to think about time! We have rethought and re-build the time management experience - from Summary and Check-Out to Find Time and Add Event.

Enjoy easier navigation around your time and day at the intersection of the familiar with the novel.