What calendars can I integrate with atKairos?

By allowing access to your phone calendar, atKairos integrates all calendars that are included within your Apple Calendar - so if you have Outlook Calendar already enabled via Settings > Calendar > Accounts, atKairos has access to it. That applies for any Google Calendars as well. Separately, and for ease, atKairos does a direct integration with your Google Calendar, should you wish to directly sync your Google account with atKairos.

Do you support a direct Outlook integration

Not at the moment, but we are working on it. The easiest way to integrate it is to go to your phone, then Settings > Calendars > Accounts > Add Account. You can see the steps here: How to add a calendar?

Can I add and delete calendars?

Yes, just go to Settings > Calendar within the app and you can delete and integrate calendars at will. You can also enable/disable by using the check-box in front.


How do you protect my data?

All information on the cloud is encrypted and tied only to your phone - we don’t have personal identifiable information (PII). For health data, we only do analytics on your phone - that information never leaves your device.

Do you resell my data?

No!Your data is yours only. Our business model, subscription, ensures that we don’t have to sell your data to marketers and advertisers to make money.

Can I delete my data?

Yes! If you delete your account, we remove all information related to your account on our servers. We suggest you download your information, if you decide to delete your account - thus, all the categories and tags will be available to you. Once you delete your account, if you decide to open a new one, your previous information will be lost.


Is atKairos paid?

Not right now. It will be a paid subscription product, with the option to pay monthly or annually.