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Sharing availability doesn't have to mean sharing your entire calendar. Easily share your availability by making it personal and relevant to the human being on the other end.


'Do you mind popping some time in my Cal…. link?' has become the accepted way to organize a meeting, despite being impersonal and borderline rude. We want to get rid of that - share according to the recipient, not according to your calendar set up. You wouldn't want to send a spreadsheet to your best friend, so why would you do it, especially when you make a first impression.

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Whether text or link, atKairos enables you to share where the communication happens, directly from the app. We've reduced the need to copy and paste, yet, it is still available if you need it.


Select the number of slots and dates based on who you are meeting with, adjust to their time zone, and highlight your preferred time. The best part: it takes a few seconds to create a new link, so no one-size-fits all templates. Each relationship is different. And so should be the links.


Our scheduling link is easy to use and highlights your preferred time. It updates the available slots and importantly - it is secure, as it expires in 48 hours. We can do this, because we made creating a new one incredibly easy.