Google Calendar

iCloud Calendar

Outlook (coming soon)


atKairos doesn't aim at substituting your calendar. It just hopes to make your time better, regardless of your preferred choice of calendar solutions. We are starting with Google Calendar, with iCloud and Outlook coming soon.


Many have tried and failed to convince users to drop their current calendaring solutions and switch exclusively to them. We don't believe in that approach and we want to meet you where you are, being a smart AI calendar that is build on top of your preferred calendar tool.

Google Calendar

Directly integrate with your Google Calendars - pick any number of calendars, assign them to a group, and you are set.

Outlook (coming soon)

We are working on an Outlook integration, as we believe it is an important part of today's ecosystem - stay tuned, coming soon.

iCloud Calendar (coming soon)

While iCloud Calendars are less frequently used, they are important to us. The iOS app doesn't give us flexibility to create the magic we want to share with you, so we decided to integrate directly with iCloud.